Autumn in the Ozark Mountains

This past weekend I visited the Ozark Mountains in Northern Arkansas during the peak of the Fall foliage. If you have never been to the Ozarks, you owe it to yourself to go. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in all of North America. There are numerous places to hike and paddle and each of them is unique. I spent three days day hiking in what I can only describe as a nature lovers paradise and I wish that I could have spent more time there.

The first place we went was a place called Sam’s Throne. The fall colors were amazing.






After Sam’s Throne, we went to Whitaker Point.



The next day we took the Goat Trail to the bluffs overlooking the Buffalo River.


This is what I was looking at in the above picture.



Northwest Arkansas is a hikers and nature lovers paradise. I had a wonderful weekend filled with beauty and adventure. Thank you very much to my two friends John and Amber for hosting and guiding me on this amazing trip.

Find your headwaters,










7 thoughts on “Autumn in the Ozark Mountains

  1. Omg! Those pics are amazing…I am hiker from a small island in the Caribbean so we don’t have views like you do neither do we have the seasons…so I really enjoy getting to see what it is like hiking in other parts of the world. I will love to one day go on a hike here…thanks for sharing 🙏

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      1. Trinidad and Tobago😊. I live in Trinidad the bigger island which is still much smaller than almost every state in the US 😂. Have you been to my island before?


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