My Favorite Tents

I spend a lot of time in tents and one thing that I have learned over the years is that no one tent will do everything for every situation. Yes, some tents will serve multiple purposes but there are always going to situations where something else will serve your needs better. Like when you need more space, or you need light weight and easy portability. Where one tent will satisfy your needs on one situation, it wont be an optimal choice for another. Below is a list of the tents that I use for different types of camping. I have spent many nights in each one in various types of weather. These tents have held up to whatever nature has thrown at them and never failed me.

For Car Camping with my family of 5:

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent.

I love this tent because it it big and spacious. The floor measures 16 x 7 feet. It has a height of 6 ft. 2 in. The internal LED light system is convenient and the hinged door system makes entry and egress easy. Coleman’s Weather Tec system keeps the elements out and it even has an e-port. Set up takes about 10 minutes. I have used this tent in torrential Florida rainstorms and it always kept me and my gear dry. Though it is a 3 season tent, I once camped in this tent in Yellowstone and had 6 inches of show fall on me and my family over night. The Coleman handled it just fine.

Car Or Paddle Camping With Two to Three other people:

Marmot Limestone 6 Person Tent

What I love about this tent is not only is it spacious at 10 ft. x 8ft. with a ceiling height of over 6 ft, but it also has vestibules on the front and rear doors to keep things out of the tent and out of the weather. The quality of materials is fantastic. Marmot did not skimp on anything. 68 D polyester taffeta, no-see-um mesh, waterproof fly, fully taped seams and aluminum poles. Even the stakes that come with this tent are top quality. This tent has vents on the fly for air circulation and interior storage pockets that are actually usable. It is very easy to set up and once taken down, easily goes back into its carrying case. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Car Camping By Myself Or Paddle Camping With One Other Person:

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Person Tent.

Though this is listed as a backpacking tent. I have never used it for that because it weighs a little over 10 lbs. I use this tent when I am car camping by myself and when I am paddle camping with one other person like my wife or one of my children. What I love about this tent is the size. Its floor measures just at 8 ft. x 6ft. 8 inches. Ceiling height of 58 inches. It has gear pockets in all four corners that are convenient, a gear loft overhead and two doors with vestibules. The materials are 66D ripstop Polyyester for the fly and 150 D Polyester for the floor. The poles are made of aluminum and the ridgepole that crosses the top opens up the interior just a little bit more maximizing space. I camped in this tent in the Georgia Mountains for a week and it stormed every night. This tent kept me and my gear dry. Even the the gear stored in the vestibules stayed dry. It is super easy to set up and easily goes back into its storage bag without hassle. The only thing I would change about this tent is the tent stakes that come with it. Though they are better quality than what you get in a bargain tent, I prefer a little heavier duty stake. But, aside from that, this is a fantastic tent. It also comes with a lifetime warrenty.

When I Am Camping Out Of My Canoe or Kayak Solo:

Alps Mountaineerting LYNK 2-Person Tent.

This tent is fantastic! Base size of 7 ft. 6in x 5 feet. and a center height of 46 inches. All the space you need. It is listed as a backpacking tent and has a minimum weight of 5 lbs. and 1 oz. It rolls up small to a size of 6 x 20 inches which really saves you space if space is at a premium. It has two doors and vestibules, extra large zippers a gear loft and storage pockets. Set up is easy and can be done in minutes. The fly is vented and ventilation on this tent is terrific. During colder months, close the vents and this tent helps keep you warm. Everything about this tent is quality from the waterproof polyester to the aluminum poles and stakes. I have taken this tent on paddle trips all over the South and it has never failed me or given me the first bit of trouble. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

When I Am Backpacking:

Allbeyond Ultralight 1 person tent.

This tent is the wildcard of my collection. The reason I say that is because it is not a well known brand, but don’t let that detour you. It’s design is very much like the Coleman Hooligan backpacking tent, but made with much higher quality materials. This is a fantastic tent. It only weighs 3.7 lbs. It is completely waterproof, has taped seams, aluminum poles, a vestibule and even comes with a footprint. It measures 83 inches x 36 with a height of 39. No, it is not the biggest tent out there but it is well built with quality materials and with the added air vents in the fly it breathes very well. Super easy to set up and even with the footprint, stakes and all, only weighs 3.7 lbs. Rolled up, it only measures 17 x 6 inches. If you carry the poles and stakes separately, you can even make it smaller to take up less space in your pack. Allbeyond also offers a lifetime warranty on this tent.

These tents all have their purposes and they perform that job that well. All of the tents listed above I have used and can honestly say they are of excellent quality. I have used each of them in all types of weather and they have performed exceptionally well. They provided a dry stable shelter that shielded me and my gear from the elements. I am quite positive that they will do the same for you. I highly recommend them all.

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