Paddling the Mangrove Tunnels of Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands Conservation area is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida along the Banana River Lagoon. It is perfect for paddling and the wildlife you will encounter while there is amazing. Eagles and ospreys soar overhead while wading birds tip toe through the shallows. Fish jump and splash everywhere and occasionally you will even see dolphins and manatees.


It is a great place to paddle if you like mangrove tunnels. Access is at Ramp Road Park, (401 Ramp Rd. Cocoa Beach, Fl. ) which has free parking, restrooms, and a boardwalk,


and two boat ramps, the small one is perfect for launching a kayak or canoe.


Directly across from the launch is one of the many tunnels Thousand Islands has to offer. It starts out fairly wide.

IMG_0448 2

But soon narrows to a cave like opening.


Once you pass through the entrance, it’s like another world.


It’s peaceful and tranquil.


It winds through the islands like a ribbon.


Becoming more narrow in some placesIMG_0554

And wider in others.IMG_0571

Soon you will exit this one.


But don’t worry, there are plenty more for you to explore.IMG_0598


If you want to take a break, there are places to park your boat and stretch your legs.


There’s also well maintained hiking trails.


But soon you will want to get back to the water.


Because the lure of the mangrove tunnels is irresistible.




I hope you enjoyed our trip through Thousand Islands. If you’ve been there, let us know. We would love to hear about it in the comment section.


Find your headwaters,



Photographs by Jaucque LeSavage















2 thoughts on “Paddling the Mangrove Tunnels of Thousand Islands

  1. I’ve been! I’ve hiked around, but not sure if this is the trail I was on. I’ve seen some trails I thought were part of a community, maybe that’s where you were. Email a GPS coordinate an I’ll check it out 🙂


    1. Thanks for commenting, Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a GPS with me so I don’t have the coordinates. Next time I go there, I will get them. You are right, the picture of the trail with my yak and the bench connects to a community. The trail marked on the map is a different trail that can only be reached by boat. There is even a kayak/ canoe parking area at the trail head and the trail is marked and well maintained.


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