The Casual Outdoorsman Reviews the Trip 10 Angler DLX

The Trip Angler 10 Deluxe is a dual purpose recreational kayak manufactured by Old Town Canoe, an American company headquartered in Old Town, Maine. It is sold exclusively through Dick’s Sporting Goods and their subsidiary Field and Stream at a price of $499.99.


At First Glance:

The Trip Angler’s design looks like a cross between two other popular Old Town models: The Vapor 10XT and the Vapor 10 Angler. They took features from each model and combined them to make a multi purpose recreational platform. You get the rod holders, anchor trolly and bow bungees of the Vapor Angler along with the dry storage and rear bulkhead of the XT. It’s also $100 less expensive than the XT and if you catch it on sale, can be had even cheaper.

The Trip is made of single-layer polyethylene and comes with adjustable foot braces, a padded seat with adjustable back rest (forward, backward), padding on the coaming, rod holders, anchor trolley, deck fittings and two molded cup holders.(one on dashboard, one on seat) Hard mold built in carry handles are fore and aft and at 10 feet long and 28.5 inches wide, the Trip weighs in at 49 lbs. with a capacity of 325 lbs.

Three things that immediately stand out about the Trip is the large cockpit opening, the stern hatch and the rear mounted skid plate. The cockpit opening is huge measuring 48 inches long and 19.5 inches wide which not only allows easy entry and exit but also  allows you easy open access to any gear you carry up front. The stern hatch is big too measuring 16.5 by 10.5 inches and is covered by Old Town’s click seal style hatch cover. The skid plate located aft on the bottom is a nice addition that will help keep your hull from getting scratched up.


On The Water:


We took the Trip out for a couple of hours and these are our conclusions.

The cockpit is large which not only is easy to enter and exit from but also allows you to carry a lot of gear with you or even a small child or a dog. There was a decent amount of space in the dry storage area and the bulkhead adds floatation. The foot braces though adjustable were not convenient to adjust while out on the water because the latches on them are near your feet requiring you to lean forward toward your ankles to make any adjustments. If you are carrying any gear in front of the seat, it might make it difficult to reach. The seat was comfortable but could use some more padding on the seat pan. It was fine for a few hours but anything longer starts to get uncomfortable. The seat adjustment is conveniently located inside the cockpit on the starboard side and adjusts the backrest with a simple pull of the string.

Very durable and versatile design. The polyethylene hull is touch and should last a very long time and within reason be able to handle hitting the occasional rock or log.  Not only can you fish out of it with space to carry your gear, if you pack light, you could also use this as an “over-nighter” because of the capacity and storage space.

This boat is so stable, we were able to turn completely around in the seat to retrieve things from the rear hatch without issue. In our opinion, this boat would be hard to capsize unless you were trying to.

Tracking on flat water was good, but proper paddling form is a must due to the hull design and length of the boat. In windy conditions, like most 10 foot recreational kayaks, the Trip tends to weather cock. It is not a fast kayak but is very easy to maneuver. It’s a kayak that would be easy for a beginner to quickly get comfortable in.

The paddle holder is molded into the coaming crossways and offers no way to secure it to the boat. The anchor trolley and deck fittings are conveniently located.


  1. Very Stable
  2. Large capacity for a 10 foot craft (325 lbs.)
  3. Easy to maneuver
  4. Quality built
  5. Versatile
  6. Dry storage compartment
  7. $100 less than the Vapor XT model with more capability


  1. Needs a better paddle holder
  2. Seat pan needs more padding
  3. Weather cocking in windy conditions
  4. Foot pegs inconvenient to adjust on water (This is subjective)
  5. Weight (49 lbs.)


This is a very well made and versatile kayak with some great features. For the recreational paddler/ angler who spends their time on flat water and slow moving creeks and rivers, this kayak will give you a lot of capability in a small package. Though it is not a fast boat, it’s stability and maneuverability are excellent which will build your confidence as a paddler quickly.


Find Your Headwaters,

Jaucque, David and Ty




Special thanks to Old Town Canoe and Dick’s Sporting Goods

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