Rock Springs Run After Irma



Rock Springs Run is located near Apopka, Florida. It flows for nine miles eventually joining the Wekiva River. Together, the two make up the Wekiva Paddling Trail. The “Rock” normally offers clear waters, a gentle current and a lot of natural Florida beauty. Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage along the river pushing numerous trees and  debris over and into the water making it impassable after a few miles down stream. Paddling upstream is not much better. Work crews have been steadily clearing the waters, but as of yet, they are still blocked.

We put in at King’s Landing. Normally, King’s Landing offers a shuttle which will pick you and your boat up downstream, because you can’t get downstream, that service is currently not available.


We paddled out of the launch and went upstream.



The water was clear and beautiful.






Downed Trees soon blocked our way so we turned around and went down stream.



The water was just as clear.


But there were a lot of obstacles in the water.



The further downstream you go, the worse it gets.





We managed to make it about 3.5 miles down steam before it was completely blocked.


Rock Springs Run was one of Central Florida’s most enjoyable paddles. It will recover, but it may be some time before it is navigable all the way to the Wekiva again.



Find your headwaters,









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