A Rainy Morning on the Hillsborough

We paddled the Hillsborough River last week on a day that had an incredible amount of fog in the air. Driving over from the East coast, visibility was less than 100 feet on the highways in the early morning making traffic a challenge, but we made it safely. By the time we reached our launch site at John B. Sargeant Park, 12702 US 301, Thonotosassa , Fl. the fog had somewhat lifted, but the day remained overcast with sporadic rain. This was my first trip to this river and all I can say was it was well worth the drive regardless of the weather. This  is truly a beautiful river lined with gorgeous trees and abundant wildlife. Very well maintained facilities for rest and stretching your legs can be found every few miles and the river flows with a gentle current that is easy to paddle.


Soon after launching, we encountered this guy.


Birds were everywhere.


And trees eerily hung over the water in spots.


In the tallest trees, birds looked down on us as we floated by.


Alligators were on the banks.


Beautiful old Cyprus trees were everywhere.

We stopped at Morris Bridge Park.


Then continued on where we encountered these guys.


We passed a floating classroom.


Then we found this flock.



We detoured into Trout Creek, but it was blocked about a 1/4 mile up stream.



So we took out at Trout Creek Park.  It was an amazing paddle and one that I hope to do again very soon. If you have paddled the Hillsborough, let us know in the comments section.


Find your headwaters,

Jaucque and Dave


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