A Cloudy Day on Snake Creek

Last week we paddled Snake Creek. We launched on the St. John’s River near Blue Springs State Park. There is a launch site that is free to use about half a mile past the park entrance. There was a lot of traffic on the river so instead of going straight to the Snake, we paddled to the Smith Canal which is further up river. From the Smith, we entered the Dead River then paddled to Snake Creek entering it from the back side.

It was an overcast day with sporadic wind and rain, and the trip almost ended before it started because one of us forgot his paddle, but thanks to the nice folks who run the canoe and kayak rental at Blue Springs Park, we were able to rent a paddle for him.

In the beginning, we saw a lot of wildlife, mostly birds, but a couple of people on very loud jet-ski’s passed us on the the Snake and after that, we didn’t see anything else. We had planned to go into Blue Springs, but water access to the park was closed.

The St. John River


Lots of People on the River
Smith Canal








Snake Creek










Blue Springs Park as seen from the St. John’s River






We hope you have enjoyed this trip with us, if you have paddled these waters, let us know in the comments section.


Find Your Headwaters,


Jaucque and Dave


Link to Video of Trip: The Hontoon Loop


5 thoughts on “A Cloudy Day on Snake Creek

    1. It was given to me as a Christmas gift. Just started using it this week. It is very easy to use and the remote control is a nice plus. So far, I am impressed with the video quality, only drawback is when it is in the waterproof case, you don’t have any audio.


  1. I just recently discovered the man made canals. I understand there are 3. I didn’t realize they have names. I went up the first one past Snake Creek last week. So I am thinking it is the most northern one. Will definitely be doing the others. I have always gone past Hontoon Island and up dead river to Snake creek. It was nice taking a different route.

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