Maritime Hammock Sanctuary

Maritime Hammock Sanctuary is located in Melbourne Beach, Florida in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. It is a short 3.2 mile trail loop that takes you around marsh ponds, the Indian River Lagoon and through the hammocks. It is an easy hike along well maintained trails  that are filled with beautiful wild flowers and birds that both children and adults will enjoy. You might also see snakes, alligators and other aquatic reptiles along the trail. It is accessible year round and is lightly trafficked. If you go, bring insect repellant and water. Though the mosquitos were not bad when we went, they were bad enough. The majority of the trail is shaded so even if it is a hot day, you are shielded from the sun.

Most of the trail looks like this.





There are a few bridges you will cross as you make your way.


Observation deck over a marsh pond.


View of the marsh pond.


We saw lots of wild flowers and butterflies.


And came across an active bee hive.



All in all, it was a great hike with some beautiful natural scenery. Maritime Hammock is a great place to get in touch with nature if for only a short time. If you have been there, let us know in the comment section.


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