The Suwannee River from S.R. 51 to S.R.R.

Click here to see video of the trip.


Dave and his Son paddled the six miles from the Hal Adams Bridge at S.R. 51 to the Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort. These are the photos from his trip.

Launch Point at Hal Adams Bridge

A spring just down river from the bridge.



Rock formations along the river.



Peacock Slough River Camp


Another Spring



Old turn bridge in the river.
Stopping at an Island on the river




This was a great place to paddle. Though it was a short trip, (only 6 miles), and it was cold, Dave and Connor said they had a great time.


Find Your Headwaters,


Jaucque and Dave


3 thoughts on “The Suwannee River from S.R. 51 to S.R.R.

  1. Looks like a nice paddle. I liked the video of the camping area that seems like a really nice place. Do you have to reserve that camp or is it first come first serve? As always thanks for posting.


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