The Lower Econ in Winter

The lower section of the Econlockhatchee River is one of my favorite paddles. The 13 miles from the Snow Hill Road Bridge in Chuluota, Fl to the SR 46 Bridge on the St. John’s River is a beautiful paddle trail that is constantly changing. The gentle 1-2 mph flow of the river allows you to drift or paddle as fast or as slow as you want through the lush changing landscapes and view a diverse assortment of wildlife. Traffic on the river is usually light and in my experience usually absent. We paddled the lower section of the river last week. If you look at the photos and compare them to the ones taken in September, you will see a sharp contrast in both water levels and how the flora changes and reacts to the Florida winter.

Launch at Snow Hill Road Bridge
Water levels were very low

We paddled with a large group that day.



Sandbars jutted out from almost every turn in the river.



The low water made finding places to rest very easy.



Leaving the jungle and entering the flood plain.




Lots of wild birds feeding in the brown grasses of the flood plain.



The river winds like a ribbon through the brown grasses of the savannah.


The Bridge at S.R. 46.



We hope you have enjoyed this trip with us down the Lower Econ. If you have been there, let us know in the comment section. If you would like to join us on future trips, contact us.


Find your headwaters,


Jaucque and Dave


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