Rock Springs Run: One of My Favorite Places to Paddle

Rock Springs Run is located in Orange and Seminole Counties. It’s 8.5 miles make up part of the Wekiva Paddling Trail. It is a beautiful spring fed river that stays clear year around and will challenge both beginner and experienced paddlers. The current moves at speeds of 2-3 mph in some sections and a little faster in others depending upon the water levels and the width of the river. As it narrows, it gets faster. For a down river trip, you can launch at Kings Landing 5722 Baptist Camp Road, Apopka, Florida. For an up and back trip, you can launch at Wekiva Springs State Park, or at Wekiva Island.

Our group launched at Kings Landing.

The Launch at Kings Landing


Entering Rock Springs.


The water is crystal clear.


And in some places, it looks like you are flying, not floating.


There are still some trees down, but the entire river is passable. There is still a lot of underwater debris and obstacles but it makes for a challenging run.


The vegetation is lush and beautiful.


There is abundant wildlife.


You will pass campsites where you can stop and rest.


All the while, the river constantly changes.


Until you reach Wekiva Springs.


We took out at Wekiva Island.



We hope you have enjoyed this trip with us down Rock Springs Run. If you have been here, let un know in the comment section. If you would like to join us on future paddle trips, contact Jaucque.


Find Your Headwaters,

Jaucque and Dave


4 thoughts on “Rock Springs Run: One of My Favorite Places to Paddle

  1. I enjoyed this posted trip. The water looks crazy clean and the green looks warm and inviting. You almost always go as a group, I see, are they the same people or does the group differ? Must be nice to share the experience of a day of paddling with other kayakers.

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