The Middle Section of the Econ

I love paddling the Econlockhatchee River because it changes constantly depending on rainfall. One month the Econ is an unobstructed river with a swift current and the next month the water levels may be so low that you have to portage your boat every other mile. We paddled the middle section of the river last week and as expected, the river was completely different than our last visit. The water levels were 12 – 15 feet below normal and obstacles and obstructions were constant.  We had five portages over the 9 mile section we paddled. The rivers current moved at 1.5 to 3 mph and with all of the obstructions made for both an interesting and challenging trip.

We launched at the bridge at 3801 Willingham Rd. Chuluota, Fl.

It was an easy shallow water launch.


The first few miles were very challenging.



Some were more challenging than others.


But we made it through or around all of them.




Eventually the river widened a little and the obstructions became less and less.



We passed under the this bridge which is part of the Great Florida Trail.IMG_5987

Our take out was at the bridge at 2000 Snow Hill Road, Chuluota, Fl. IMG_5997


The Econ is one my favorite places to paddle because of how often it changes. It is never the same river two times in a row. If you have been there, let us know in the comments section. If you would like to join us on a future trip, contact Jaucque.


Find your headwaters,

Jaucque and Dave






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