Hontoon and Dead River

Last week we paddled around Hontoon Island. Hontoon is located between the St. John’s River and the Dead River in Volusia County off SR 44. It is surrounded by the above mentioned waters and Snake Creek. It was a cool, windy day which made for a strenuous paddle especially on the wider sections of the St. John’s and Dead Rivers but it was worth it because wildlife was out in abundance and the whole area has awoken from winter and is filled with the fresh green emergence of spring.

We launched on the St. Johns at a free of charge boat landing just past the entrance to Blue Springs State Park. To find it, when you approach Blue Springs, instead of turning, continue past the park entrance down the dirt road for about a 1/3 of a mile and you will find an easy sand bottom launch site and free parking.

The Launch at St. Johns River


The St. Johns’s River


Wildlife on the St. John’s



Canal connecting St. John’s River to Dead River



The Dead River



Wildlife on the Dead River


Snake Creek


Snake Creek narrows as you move towards the St. John’s


Wildlife on Snake Creek


Back onto the St. John’sIMG_6112


Total distance paddled, 8.5 miles. This was a nice trip that I recommend every paddler should do at least once. If you are a bird watcher this is a great place to go. If you have paddled here, let us know in the comments section. If you would like to join us on future trips, contact us.


Find your headwaters,

Jaucque and Dave


7 thoughts on “Hontoon and Dead River

  1. Thanks for this post. We will be in Port Orange in mid May and this was on our kayak to do list. Perfect timing! Any other suggestions for that area? Must be places with kayak rentals as we are leaving ours at home and flying.


  2. I do this run frequently. It’s a great paddle for anyone. Though at times Snake creek is hard to pass due to vegetation. I am more cautious during mating season as there are a few gator nests in Snake creek.

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