Crystal River and Weeki Wachi Rivers

Last week, I finally got back on the water. My arm injuries took a lot longer to heal than expected, but I finally made it back. I was at the point where every I passed a drainage ditch, I would daydream about paddling so when the Space Coast Paddlers invited me for a two day trip on the Crystal and Weeki Wachi rivers, I jumped at the opportunity. Though the weather did not cooperate for a large part of the trip, it was a fun trip filled with beautiful scenery and great companions.

Crystal River

Crystal River

As you can see by the cloudy skies, the weather was not terrific. If would alternate between torrential down pour and occasional bits of sunshine.

We made a stop at Hunter Springs Park to get out of the rain.

But then we called it a day because of the poor weather. The next day we went to clear as glass waters of the Weeki Wachi.

Did not see much wildlife but tested out my “water proof” camera. It doesn’t take great pictures underwater but I managed to get one of a baby manatee.

It was a great trip that I thoroughly enjoyed. But like every other time I travel over to that side of Florida, the weather never cooperates. Maybe one of these days it will.

Find your headwaters,



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