Recently, I had the opportunity to test out the Hitorhike backpacking/ camping cot during a few camping trips. I was interested in testing out this item because though I have numerous sleeping pads to insulate me from the cold ground, there has been many times that the ground itself was lumpy, rocky or just plain uncomfortable. As I’ve gotten older, I have found that my back is not as forgiving as it used to be and as we all know, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it really takes away from your enjoyment of the outdoors.

The Hitorhike cot is listed as a backpackers cot. It has a weight of 4.8 lbs. Though this might not appeal to the ultralight backpacker, for the paddle camper which is what I mostly do, it’s perfect. The weight capacity is 280 lbs. which is more than enough for my 195 lb. frame.

Folded up, it is 15 inches long by just over 6 inches in diameter. Perfect size to store in the cargo hold of your boat, or to fit into your backpack. Open and set up, it measures just under 75 inches long, 27.6 inches wide and 6.7 inches high.

Setting it up is simple. All of the poles are shock corded together and it can be set up in about 3-4 minutes. The aluminum frame and “feet” are solid and well thought out. I especially like the design of the feet because they are wide and will not poke a hole through the bottom of your tent. The Nylon fabric is thin, but seems durable. And at a price of $68.00, it will get you off the ground without breaking the bank. It also comes with a 12 month warranty.

After taking it on three camping trips and sleeping on it for a total of 6 nights, I can say that it is very comfortable. It keeps you off the ground and with a sleeping pad provided a comfortable night sleep. I move around a lot when I sleep and was comfortable sleeping in every position.

I plan on taking this cot with me on all of my paddle camping trips from here on. Long term durability as of yet can’t be determined, but if anything happens to change my mind or opinion about this cot, I will write an update.

Find your headwaters,




  1. This does look comfortable. I’ve been contemplating buying a cot for a couple of years now, but have never done so because of the weight. But I do a bunch of front country camping, so the weight shouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t have thought to put a sleeping pad on the cot. Seems like it would add a bit more comfort.


    1. I found the cot and pad combo very comfortable. I have used the cot now on four separate trips and it has held up to daily assembly and disassembly. From now on, I will use it every time I paddle camp and have to carry everything in my boat.

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