Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers from Silver Springs to Eureka

Last week, I went with a few friends to paddle and camp along the Silver and Ocklawaha rivers. The weather was beautiful with highs in the high sixties and over night lows in the low forties. It was perfect for paddling and for sleeping outdoors.

We launched at Silver Springs State Park which has an excellent padded boat ramp with a gentle slope into the water

Silver Springs Launch

Then paddled straight over to the spring head where the water is a gorgeous turquoise blue.

Next we followed the Kings Paddle Trail. The crystal clear waters were amazing.

Then we paddled downstream where there was an abundance of wildlife.

After 16 miles of paddling, we stopped at Gores Landing where we had set up a base camp the day before and camped for the night. Gores offers primitive camping for a cost of $10 per car. (13800 NE 98th St., Fort McCoy, FL. Since I was able to carry everything in my car, I brought a lot of big stuff for comfort.

The next day. We were back on the water for the next 8 miles from Gores to Eureka. There was a beautiful mist over the water.

But as the sun rose, the mist disappeared and the wildlife came out.

I even managed to get a picture of a monkey.

We ended out trip in Eureka. Total trip was approximately 27 miles. It was a fun trip with perfect weather. The Silver/Ocklawaha Run is one of my favorites because it is so full of wildlife. To me, best time to paddle it is in the winter months. If you have not been there, it is worth a trip. If you like to camp, other than Gores Landing, there are many places to camp along the Ocklawaha River. Regardless of how you explore this area, you won’t be dissapointed.

Find your headwaters,



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