The Casual Outdoorsman Reviews the Hurricane Sojourn 135 Kayak

The Sojourn 135 is a sit-in day touring kayak manufactured by Hurricane Aqua Sports in Warsaw, North Carolina. It is sold through various Kayak retailers at a price point of $1399.


At First Glance:

This boat is beautiful. At 13.5 feet in length, 24.61 inches wide and only 45 lbs., the lightweight Trylon the Sojourn is constructed from gives it a high luster gloss that really stands out. The cockpit measures 36 inches by 19 inches. It has a capacity of 275 lbs. which in my opinion makes it a boat for small to medium sized paddlers since it is marketed as a day tourer with the ability to carry enough gear for an overnight trip. But, with kayaks everything is a trade off.   It has bow and stern bulkheads, which give you floatation as well as storage. The storage hatches are 10 inches in diameter in the front, 16 inches in the back. Bow and stern bungees both fore and aft as well as safety lines and plastic grab handles for easy carrying. The Sojourn also features Hurricane’s AireStream seating system which not only provides airflow while you are paddling, it is also fully adjustable. The seat pan can be raised or lowered, the back rest is adjustable forward and backward as well as up and down. The seat combined with the adjustable leg and foot braces allows you to get a true custom fit. There is even a security bar behind the cockpit to help prevent theft. (Not a common feature on kayaks) A rudder though not standard, is available.


On the Water:

Initial stability in the Sojourn is excellent. This boat is very stable and I think most people would be comfortable in it regardless of their paddling experience. The seat, once adjusted for me was remarkably comfortable. Once the seat pads and foot braces were adjusted, this boat felt like it was designed just for me. The Sojourn paddles almost effortlessly and gets up to speed quick. It not the fastest boat I have ever paddled, but it is quicker than most boats comparable in its size. Agility is where the Sojourn really stands out. Though it tracks well, it’s maneuverability is exceptional. Changing direction to avoid obstacles, “S” turns, even “Figure 8’s” are easy in the Sojourn. I only paddled it on flat water with little to no wind, so I can’t report on how it handles rough water and windy conditions though I’m reasonably sure it would handle them well.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Excellent Seat
  3. Bulkheads fore and aft
  4. Generous storage
  5. Optional rudder
  6. Excellent maneuverability
  7. Security bar



  1. Light capacity (In our opinion)
  2. Though the  hatches have “tupperwear” style covers that are water tight, we think there should be a strap over them as well for added security during transport.



The Sojourn 135 is an excellent boat for the small to medium sized paddler who spends their time on flat water, slow moving rivers and streams or protected coastal waters. It can easily handle  day and overnight trips. It is  lightweight which makes it easy to handle, load solo or portage. It’s fast enough to keep up with most boats and is easy to maneuver. Due to the light capacity (275 lbs.) If you are a large or heavy person, the 146 might be a better fit for you.


Find your headwaters,



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