Juniper Springs

I love paddling springs. They are truly my very favorite. I had been wanting to visit Juniper Springs for quite a long time, but my schedule never worked out. Every time I planned to go there, something would always come up and I would have to cancel my trip. But this time, everything worked out and I finally made it. Juniper is located in the Ocala National Forest just east of Ocala, Florida on SR 40. The recreation area was constructed in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conversation Corps. The springs are amazing and crystal clear. I camped at the campground and found that not only was the campground super clean, but the bath house might have the best showers I have ever experienced in a state park. Another thing I liked was even though I was in a campground, the campsites still felt secluded amongst the palms and oaks that surrounded my site.

Each site has a pic-nic table, fire ring and grill along with a Bear Proof Food Locker.

My camp

There ware lots of things to see in the camp ground so after setting up camp, I went exploring.

Some turkeys visited my campsite.

And I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around.

The next morning, I was up early and hit the spring run. I was the only person on the water at that time and I had the entire spring run to my self.

Juniper Rapids

Saw a little wildlife along the way.

Then finally came to the end of run. It was a great trip and one that I’m planning on doing again soon. If you have been to Juniper, let me know in the comment section.

Find your headwaters,



13 thoughts on “Juniper Springs

  1. I have paddled Juniper many, many times and it is the most challenging run. Very tight and beautiful. I stood my 6 year old on the felled tree that you paddle under in your pic, 16 years ago! Wow!! Rock Springs Run, (9 miles) in Apopka is another of my favorites. Your review was informative and inviting!
    Paddle on…..

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    1. Hi Maggie, sorry for the late response. Have been in the mountains the last few days. There is a lot of underwater debris in Juniper. (Logs, tree limbs, etc. ) Unless your kayak has a thick skin and protective covering like the Advanced Elements Brand, I would not advise running Juniper.


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